Saturday, 1 November 2014


The first day of National November Writes Month and I'm beginning my novel  'A Mourning Moon'. 
I've had the idea for this on the back burner for a long time, I've even worked some of those ideas into a short story.....but it never was a short story, it's wider, deeper, more extensive than that.

It takes place in a post climate - change Lower Mainland, but I don't in any way see it as dystopian. I don't necessarily see it as utopian either, and some extent I do. 
I want to unpack that. A utopian world is one where everything is perfect, everything works, but that doesn't make for a good story, because something has to keep the reader reading. My world has problems, there is tension that needs resolution. So it's not utopian, but still, it's a world I'd be happy to live in. 

So, on day one, I'm looking back at my notes, my ideas, my storyline, and I'm making a start. 

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