Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Taller Flowers

Other things got in the way of my writing today - but important things, taller flowers that made me feel small. In spite of that I made my word count and I felt happy with what I'd written.

When you're creating a different world, it's sometimes difficult to remember that outside of your own head, the only way people know what's going on in that world, is what you write. Sounds obvious, yet I often find myself looking to see whether I've actually shown some detail that is perfectly clear to me...inside my head, yet there it isn't, on the page.

Yesterday evening was my writers' group and I was reading. This made me go to my other world, the town of Horse-sur-mer. In Mourning Moon, which is speculative fiction, things are made up - of course - but they have to kind of work together. In Horse-sur-mer, things are made up and they don't have to work in the same way because there's a magical element.

Thank goodness there are other (and better) writers for the serious stuff.

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